Tree of the year 2011

Found this whilst sitting at Emmerentia in the sunshine, x

Pappea capensis
Family name: Sapindaceae
Common name:
Jacket-plum, Doppruim, indabatree (Zulu)

Description: Jacket-plum is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree with a spreading, rounded or dome-shaped crown.

Leaves are rough to the touch, dull green above and paler green below with rounded base and apex and entire or closely spine-toothed margins; alternate, simple, often crowded near the ends of branches.

Flowering are greenish yellow and are in axillary and drooping spikes.

Flowering time: summer-autumn

Fruit is a furry-green 3-lobed capsule up to 20 mm in diameter, when it split it reveals a shiny black seed enclosed by a fleshy orange-red appendage.

Origin: South Africa

Uses: the bright red, jelly-like, translucent arils around the seeds are edible with sweet-sour taste. The seed oil is edible but slightly purgative and is also applied to treat ringworm and baldness. Bark has been used as a tonic and aphrodisiac and for chest complaints. Leaf infusions are used for sore eyes and root infusions are used as purgatives for cattle.
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Thanks for this; will do a follow-up story for today. I thought we had 3 trees of the year this time? did I have it wrong? I had scientists from the dept of Agr, Forestry and Fisheries here and they spoke about 3 trees?
let me know
thanks anel
PS: do you have anyone AFrikaans speaking that could maybe talk about this tree?

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