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Dear Team,

I would be grateful if you could help. I am offering a restaurant a free plant makeover, but not sure what to put in. They say everything dies. They are on a big road and there are 2 containers to fill, one long around 60 cm long and 20 cm wide and a large ceramic round pot. These are on a covered stoep, which is open to the road, so only ceiling covered and no side walls, so plants will get a little sun but not too much.

I thought of some jasmine to snake up their colums for scent and look and then tulbachia and bulbine frutescens for the pots? Does this sound at all sensible in terms of the location, easy to care for and resistant to pollution? Can you suggest an alternative if not a good idea?

Many thanks,

Debby Shapiro

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How about planting herbs – that way there would be a scent, as well as produce to use in the kitchen.

For height – perhaps lemon grass, and for scent mint, origanum, sweet basil and chives?

A rinse off spray each evening and morning should take care of the pollution?

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