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Does anyone have any permaculture advice for Kerenza aside from the how to posted on the blog previously…

Hello, we live in Durban and would like to start a Permaculture veggie patch. I hear that you start above soil level, please can you tell me if I have this correct:
First layer: thick cardboard; next layer: straw then vegetable scraps then soil. Do you put something around the edges to keep it neat? How high should each layer be?
Do you have any advice or an info sheet please?

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Hi Kerenza,

You can do it as described, though typically your method is done in trench beds and dug down to a depth of 50cm, allowing for root vegetables that need the depth.

Doing it your way would deduce the plant selection somewhat, though most herbs/veggies will grow in shallow soils.

RE edging, use what you can, old bricks, stones, reclaimed wood. In my own garden I used tree branchs cut to short lengths to surround my beds.

Hope that helps


Hi Kerenza,

What you describe is often called ‘lasagna gardening’… where the layers are built up from ground level usually on cardboard to suppress weeds. This is a good method when the soil below is very poor and you want some quick results. Permaculturists do use this method too at times. You can see a pic here where I have done that… …. I have done it a little differently in that I dig down to harvest rocks and stones for building … sift the soil and return it in between layers of brown material, green material and manure… compost style. One difference I do too for long term benefits is to start each bed off with as many branches and logs as I can find. This is a goldmine for mycelium which really give your beds a boost in later years… but that is for more long term bed creation.

You can box the lasagna layers for a neater look if doing it above ground and make them into attractive raised beds.

Hope this was helpful!

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