Energy-generating rollercoaster

I came across this video the other day… Quite a cool idea if it could be implemented on a larger scale somehow 🙂

It’s a rather expensive way to get a prototype rolling, but if it inspires something bigger, then it’s a plus. NotCot reports, “Toyota teamed up with our favorite engineering crew Deeplocal to build a roller coaster from a 2011 Prius. The team of five gutted a Prius, using the engine, wiring harness, batteries, and Hybrid Synergy Drive system in a custom designed and fabricated coaster car… and a 70 foot coaster track out of steel.”

The cart can reach a speed of 15mph (24km/h) when dropping down the platform, and get as much as 6,000 watts from a single run. That’s pretty amazing! The lights you see in the video above are all powered by the cart itself.


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