Spring has sprung!

We’re having glorious weather in London this month, so into the garden we go for the start of this year’s planting: seedboxes all planted up and safe in the greenhouse in case the temperature drops at night; a luminous Helleborus; a couldn’t-resist-it Rose and Ivory Aquilegia (sorry for the poor quality of the photo): and a brand new tall tree fern to keep the short one company. And just for fun – a closer look at the wall behind it of the piece of shale with the pic of the Bluff painted on it that we carted all the way over here with us.











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Hi Elsa. Happy spring! Must be a great time in London … it is thoroughly miserable today in Cape Town. Cold and rainy.

Love the picture of the Bluff, it is an iconic image of Durban.

Are you planting any veges for the summer?

Hi Niall we are planting veg (nad bit of fruit) and the seeds are in… courgettes because so easy, brinjal (or aubergine as they say here), beans, melons, pumpkins, strawberries are already in fruit, I bought two sugar snap pea plants and last night we leapt up from the couch and went outside in the dark with a torch to go snail hunting because my two little plants were decimated the previous overnight. What can I say? The snails got smashed whilst I ran inside so as not to witness the murder. What can we do about them? We’ve tried everything and we live in snail paradise – there are literally hundreds of them like an army that marches under the cover of dark. I put salt on them once before because was given as a tip and that was more traumatic than smashing them … : /

I don’t! They should grow there, your only hope is good old google. My helleborus is quite magnificent now, it has gont crazy. It’s a very ghostlike plant with its pale greenness.

Do you where I can purchase varigate helleborus in Durban and Hillcrest areas?


Eulalie Gillespie

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