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Does anyone know which plants leaves are picked as morogo (wild spinach)? I know that some species of amaranth are often used but I have heard that there are three different plants. I came across ladies picking young leaves of a type of creeper yesterday that they also called morogo.

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I’ve heard that young black jack leaves are sometimes used as a spinach.

New Zealand Spinach is a spinach that has gone wild in places all over KZN. It’s a great tasting spinach (Although it’s a bit of an invasive alien). You can often find it at beaches. I’ve seen it at the Bluff and on the South and North coasts. Rather plant it at home than harvest from the beach though. The ones at the beach taste a bit like the sea.

Not sure what plant the normal imifino is here in KZN??

if you are keen on herbs i can mention a few… young pumpkin leaves and new shoots stripped of the hairy outsides,by far the sweetest.
amaranth…the cocks coomb/coxcomb? flowers are avoided.
red herbs…red leaved, red stemmed, much like amaranth
water cress
i have seen arum zantedeschia leaves for sale in merebank…but i dunno if they safe or tasty.
drumstuck/horseradish/moringa leaves. and their flowers with eggs.but cleaning leaves is a mission.
have a vague memory of eating beetroot leaves.
wild mustard…edible but not tasty.downright bitter.
theres a fleshy leaved ground creeper with minisule yellow flowers…also edible…is that what you guys were talking about earlier? its a semiweed.
thers some sour stuff that folk eat like the pink flowering larger leaved oxalis…safety unconfirmed
Happy foraging

wow – thanks for all this information. The fleshy creeper sounds right – I will keep an eye on the plant to see if i can get a picture when it flowers.
Kahlid I have a lot of research to do now with all you have given me 0 thank you 🙂

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