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Four things to do during Green Office Week

The week 18 to 21 April is national Green Office Week in South Africa. Offices nationwide are called to participate in adopting green behaviours and making eco-friendly choices.

The spokesperson for the week Ana-Maria Valente of Dictum Publishers, says : “What we need to do is simply focus on four things during the green office week: Start saving paper usage at the office on Monday; Start looking out for green suppliers of office items on Tuesday; Start a plan on Wednesday to save electricity and on Thursday look into making intelligent use of technology when holding meetings now and in the future.

“For this reason we have given each day a focus title: Make it happen Monday, Choosy Tuesday; Wattage Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday. This may be seem like its small steps but they can make a big difference. The key point is that a Green Office is also healthier, more efficient and can costs less to run – but above all a Green Office is inhabited by workers who are more aware than others about the importance of eco-friendly behaviours and practices because they know how important this is for earth’s survival and ours!


Green Office Week
Green Office Week

Says Prof Mervyn King, goodwill ambassador for the week: “There is no doubt that to reduce, reuse and replenish products in an office is very important and offices around the world are starting to realise this. One is able to work more efficiently and it costs less to work like that which improves the bottom line. It is good hard nosed business – and of course one is taking a step to make life on earth sustainable.”

“Every person in every office has to be mindful of the fact that we are living on a planet that is in crisis. This is so because the population is increasing and yet the finite resources of the earth are decreasing; the natural assets of planet earth have been and are being used faster than nature can regenerate them. We have to learn to make more with less”, he concludes in his interview (below).

More information on where you can also download toolkits, and Prof Mervyn King’s interview is on

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Those are some amazing potted plants. They all look so lush and healthy. Great concept (for implementing the green ideas in the office) and it’s pretty to look at too.
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