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We survived the winter!

Definitely a spring day in London today – what a lovely feeling to hang washing outside!

I’m WFH (working from home) which as we all know can be code for SKIVING (well only a little bit you have to take a break don’t you?) which means I’m outside in my jams (another side effect of WFH) checking out what else has survived the winter. So to procrastinate (you get the drift) before I carry on WFH again, I took some photos (just to document progress of course).

And… the hydrangea survived, so did this lovely plant with the yellow flowers which I really must find out the name of – it’s full of buds, and joy of joys, the rather feeble flat leaf parsley surprised me by peeking out from behind the primroses (which are currently beaut so there’s another photo of them). And finally, here’s the beginnings of this season’s nursery.

Oh well back to Working From Home. Excepting I feel like a cup of tea and a snack …











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True. On the walking stretch of my commute in London, I am always so encouraged that the winter is over (and report each sighting back to husband) “did you see the daffs are out in Don’s garden?” “did you notice Selena’s snowdrops today?” Hope and joy indeed. Whereas in our tropical Durban paradise it was a case of hacking back with a machete (sorry I mean panga) whilst dodging bush snakes : )

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