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Veges in your flower beds

I recently came across an interesting gardening trend which mixes ornamental and edible plants. I guess the benefit is that if you have limited space you can grow both types of plants. On a practical level, I am sure that mixing your veges with flowers actually protects them from pest infestations as you have more diversity in your beds. I decided to give it a go and have added chilli, pepper, beans, celery, parsley and squash seedlings to my indigenous garden. They all seem to be thriving! Will keep you updated on the progress, particularly when we get to harvest-time!


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A very good idea indeed.

Some veggies are also very ornamental indeed and a single individual example can make quite a spectacular display.

Not withstanding ornamental relatives of, for instance the cabbage family…

Looks great, I dont know why we dont all plant veges in the flower beds. If you cant eat things quickly enough they will end up flowering in anyway. I’ve put basil in amongst my flower beds, it’s in flower and smells great when youre weeding or watering around it.

hey julia. agreed! I was just pruning my basil bush yesterday and thinking how great it smells!

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