Mouldy Marrow

I planted some marrow seedlings a while back and they seem to be doing great, apart from this blight (mould?) on the leaves. Any suggestions as to what it could be and whether is might damage the plant? We have had an incredibly hot and humid couple of weeks in Durban.



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I’ve got the same thing on my butternut squash plants in cape town. Would also love to know!

Been growing squash for years now in different parts of the country. The mould is typical and difficult to prevent, it’s best just managed. Try avoid watering on the leaves, water around the stem of the plant. I heard somewhere that milk diluted in some water helps when sprayed on the leaves!?
Work on getting your plant mature, cut off mature highly infected leaves and brun them or compost them away from the plant. It’s something I have lived with, once your plant is bigger it won’t be so much of a hinderance.
Not an expert here but just my 2 cents worth.

good to know it ain’t gonna kill the marrow. will cut off the infected leaves. thanks carlos!

Hello, it’s a very common disease during the hot, humid summer time especially on the rose trees.
In France we spray a mix of water (1 liter), baking soda (1 tablespoon)and liquid soap (Marseille type)(1 teaspoon). Spray it in the evening to avoid the sunburns on the leaves. It’s better if you do it before it appears of course but it might do the trick though.
Diluted milk is also an option, but in a more preventive way

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