Is it an aloe?

A friend gave me these two plants recently. At the same time she lent me a book on aloes so I read up on these new additions to my collections. Interestingly, one is a dwarf aloe while the other is not an aloe at all but an ‘aloe-like’ plant. Can you guess which is aloe?



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yip, good work Matt. you obviously know your succulents.

and cool blog. Last time we were in Stellenbosch we tried to get in to Babel but it was booked out. It looks great in your pics!

Hi Niall,

Budding aloe fan, I have over 20 species here in my own garden with about as many succulents: gasterias, haworthias, cotyledons, crassulas etc.

Thanks for the kind words on the blog, Babel was amazing, not just the food, the garden is a wonder!



can you explain the difference? i’ve got one of these at home but now i don’t know which one.

Aloe Aristata has a wispy fur like substance on the tip of leaves, the Haworthia has a much harder leaf, no fur like substance. It can be hard to tell many of the Haworthia sp. from Aloe and many people confuse them.

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