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Government greening

Government has successfully implemented its National Greening Programme and has in the past three years reached and exceeded its million-trees-a year target. The target was meant to be met collectively by municipalities, the private sector, non-government organisations and other civil bodies with the government providing a co-coordinating and leadership role.

In the 2007/8 period, 1 700 000 trees were planted, in the 2008/9 period, 1 300 000 trees were planted and in the 2009/10 period, 1 277 805 trees were planted. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson revealed this in a written response to a question posed by the Congress of the People (Cope) in the National Assembly. She said that since its inception, the programme had succeeded in planting over four million trees (40% of them fruit trees) mostly  in the poorer parts of the country. The minister thanked important partnerships forged with organisations such as Total SA, the SABC, Food and Trees Africa, Lovelife, Proudly South Africa, among others.



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