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Check out these cool compots, which I saw recently in Cape Town. The pots, made from organic material, compost when put in the ground!



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those are pretty cool. Tried the ones made from coco peat, work well. But I find it gets expensive to buy a new pots all the time.

hey dave. how much do the single, empty pots go for? I’m sure you could make them yourself if you got a mould?

R4 each I think. Was about a year ago, they have the coco pots at Grovida. Could make a mould, but need the organic glue to hold it together. Cool to buy a plant in one them, but I won’t buy them loose again. It’s cheaper and easier to make pots out of newspaper, preferably using black and white only when planting in the veggie patch.
Are those made from compost or peat moss?

I plant my seeds in egg containers and it works rather well, I just cut them in singles and then plant them as is…

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