Suburban Wildlife in KZN

suburban wildlife in kzn

suburban wildlife in kzn

I recently picked up an excellent book from my local nursery.  Suburban Wildlife in KZN, a WESSA publication, looks at the fauna that you share your garden with.   Sections focus in on spiders, insects, frogs and birds, highlighting the importance of each to the ecosystem of the suburbs.

With full-colour photographs and descriptions of each animal and how they fit into the food chain, this book makes you look at bugs, frogs and monkeys in a new light.

The author of the book is well known entomologist Dr Jason Londt, who writes:

“There is no doubt that our precious biodiversity is under great threat and that only one thing can save it – a proper appreciation of its true value. My hope is that people’s natural curiosity about animals that live in and around their homes will lead them to much greater appreciation of the incredible natural heritage that we as South Africans possess, as well as a willingness to stand up  for its proper protection and management.”

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