Solar Punch

Check out this US band, Solar Punch, a band with a difference :-). I like their commitment. They sing songs about the danger of plastic, the wonders of clean energy and the carbon output of mass transport. Songs that deal with environmental harm and climate change. But the band practice what they preach and goes one step further than merely attempting to create awareness on an issue. It runs all of its instruments on solar energy alone. See how this works here.

Touring India for the third time in the last few years, the band will be playing 24 of their original compositions on the environment in Bengaluru from February 23 to 25 along with Indian film songs. The band say that solar music is their way of contributing towards a better world. What started as a small, basic set-up in 2007, is now a team that has battery back-up to make the entire band work on clean energy, shared guitarist-singer Alan Bigelow, who is also a research scientist and physicist at the Columbia University. “We didn’t want the solar effort to be a sideshow but a full-time mission and we want to go all the way with this strong and compelling subject. Consistent focus is of utmost importance to promote environmentalism and to ensure that the issue is addressed,” felt Mr Bigelow. Listen to Solar Punch here.

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