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Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose)

I developed a love for Desert Roses when I was studying in Australia. I recall buying my first one at a flea market for just $5, it was blooming and just looked so beautiful and unusual. I started collecting then when I returned to South Africa and I’ve had great success having harvested seed from my 3 year old Adenium, with the majority of the seeds sprouting.

It’ll be interesting to see what colours come out of these, as the one I harvested from is white with a pink trim on the edges of the petals and may be crossed with my other medium sized adenium that has a brighter mottled pink flower.

I’ve recently repotted my two medium sized adenium. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve overexposed the roots? Comments welcome regarding this! I’ve also pruned the single stem adenium to encourage more branches to grow, I’m happy to say that I already see little shoots coming out!

My baby adeniums are doing really well too, although some have grown faster than others. I’m always happy to hear comments from anyone who knows about these plants!


Nikki Stamatis

Shongololo Craft

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