Worm Farms!

Dear Sprig,

I want to get a worm farm, but the only location I have in our garden is right next to our bedroom window – I’m worried the farm will attract flies, and worse, smell like something died!! Is it OK to have a worm farm so close to the living space?



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Hi Wiggiz
If you care for your worm farm correctly, you will have no smells or pests. Is this spot outside your window a little shady? It needs to be, and is it near enough to the kitchen that you will reqularly feed and wet? Dont forget to add shredded newsprint to your bin with each load of waste. Mail me for more detail.

Hi Wigglez,

My brother has one and it doesn’t attract flies. It does attract fruit flies though. So, should it be wet and include paper in each feed, Jean? How does this help?

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