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Mealies etc.

Can anyone tell me why my mealies have done this (see attached photo’s)?

Also – my pumpkin plant seems to be producing only male flowers…? Any suggestions?

Finally, what is an eco-friendly method for dealing with mildew – on my squash and pumpkins?



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I am not sure about the maize plants, is it all plants or just one? if its all plants, you may have a deficiency of sorts in your soil, if its just one, then it may be a virus that has attacked it.

I have no advice about the male flowers on pumpkins, I suggest to just wait…

and regarding the mildew on the squash and pumpkins, these large leaves are often very succeptible to mildew, in my experience it is not worth it to do anything about it. The plants will survive that. It usually occurs after a rainy period. Nothing to do about it, they will grow out of it…

Good Luck

Hi I dont have any idea what is going on with the mealies, but I do know that all squash plants produce male flowers first, so your female flowers should be along shortly. Living in the tropics as I do mildew is a continual problem. I spray the affected plants with a mixture of about 10% skim milk in water. seems to do the trick.

I spray for mildew with bicarbonate of soda and liquid soap mixture. It works well, but requires follow-ups every few weeks.

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