Ginormous snails

My city garden has attracted a family of oversized snails. The adults are around 15cm long when outstretched under their shell (see photo). Their offspring – I have seen 2 (but I accidentally stood on one in the dark of night) are around a third of the size of the adults. They are not at all shy and are often seen moving around even in the most unusual places, like along the wooden trusses of the roof on the veranda. They move surprisingly fast for snails. Is someone able to identify them?

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I am not sure what these snails are called but we have many breeding in our garden. I believe they are endangered and eat the regular snail, which is very useful for protecting my herbs.

Apparently snails don’t like rooibos tea , so sprinkle some rooibos “dust” on the surface of the garden to get rid of them.

Based on information provided by the SA Rooibos Council (

They must be fast movers if you managed to stand on one (ha ha!)I agree the big ones are endangered and are great at getting rid of garden pests. They dont harm your plants as far as I know.

Good day.

I belive what you have in your garden is the “Brown garden snail” (Cornu aspersum) and I belive also c0onsiderted more commenly as the spesies “Helix aspersa maximus” (Also look this up on internet)
Allthough I am only starting to be interrested in snail, I have read up a little.

Please don’t get rid of them. Rather call me and I will collect them from your garden.

If anyone else read this I would be willing to collect them from you.

Also look up “Giant African Snail” on internet.
My e-mail is if you want to get into contact

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