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Flowering Succulent

Over the recent holidays in St Helena Bay, Western Cape Coast, I came across this flowering succulent, huernia acacia.

I was told it is indigenous to the area but tracked down and bought one anyway. I brought a piece home and am hoping my son, with his green thumb can get it growing in Durban.

— Helen McNulty

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Niall,do you know the species name of this Stapeliad? They areexquisite when in bloom, lovely specimen, this.

Hi! I have a cutting, now well established in a pot, of a plant that looks almost identical to this. The only difference is that the bloom is a yellow/cream colour (more yellow than cream), with fine reddish-purple veins on the inside of the flower and it is covered in fine purple hairs. The bloom also releases a pungent aroma when fully open and only lasts about two days. Do you know of a website where I can post an image of it in order to have someone identify it for me? I would really appreciate any help you can give! I love my potted garden, but love it even more when I actually know what I am growing.

This must be another species of the stapelia family. The older Afrikaans people call the flowers stinkblomme or aasblomme (carion flowers), because of the smell which reminds one of rotten meat.

Many BIG thank-yous to Mol D and Betsie!! Having the name Stapelia as a starting point really helped! Google searching with a discription of the plant wasn’t getting me very far! It turns out I have (what I assume, after much searching and perusing of google images)is a Stapelia Gigantea – Carrion Flower
Thanks again! 🙂

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