Durban’s Green Hub

In Blue Lagoon Park, eThekwini Municipality is exploring possibilities for green technology and green infrastructure.

The Green Hub was built earlier this year to serve as a green technology demonstration building. It introduces a number of green building features, including solar energy panels, natural ventilation and cooling systems, as well as indigenous plantings and rainwater harvesting. The interior is built to serve as an information centre to inform the public about walking trails and bike paths along the uMngeni River, as well as nature-based tourism opportunities.

The Green Hub is currently managed by the Municipality’s Green Corridor program. The program’s aim is to rehabilitate the natural environment of the uMngeni Valley and to create jobs and grow the regional economy through sport, recreation and tourism development. The vision is for a healthy Green Corridor from source to sea, offering a wide range of nature-based and adventure sport activities within the spectacular natural beauty and African character of the uMngeni River Valley.

The Green Hub located at 31 Steibel Place, Blue Lagoon, is open 7 days a week during working hours and is contactable on 031-8115183 or

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