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Worm Farms!

Dear Sprig, I want to get a worm farm, but the only location I have in our garden is right next to our bedroom window – I’m worried the farm will attract flies, and worse, smell like something died!! Is it OK to have a worm farm so close to the living space? Thanks! Wigglz

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Is there life after ponds?

So we just made a small pond in the garden, in honour of World Wetlands Day – Wednesday. wetlands/world-wetlands-day/index.html. It’s about a foot deep and not very wide. Lined with tough plastic. Any handy tips from veteran ponders? We’d like to find a battery powered pump, for occasional use. Also need to somehow beautify […]

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Carnivorous Snail

Our indigenous carnivorous snail is every gardeners best friend! They feed on snails, slugs, earthworms and other soft bodied creatures. The shell can reach more than 7cm in length. When “walking”, I have seen some longer than 15cm! Their eye tentacles are similar to common garden snails, but their lower tentacles are forked. Jean Rodel […]

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On carbon production…

Check out this cool site on carbon production : On the Food and Trees for Africa site you can donate trees, volunteer for their programmes and calculate the amount of carbon you produce (and then pay for it in trees :-)). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, “Start Carbon Calculator”.

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Flowering Succulent

Over the recent holidays in St Helena Bay, Western Cape Coast, I came across this flowering succulent, huernia acacia. I was told it is indigenous to the area but tracked down and bought one anyway. I brought a piece home and am hoping my son, with his green thumb can get it growing in Durban. […]

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