Problematic Palm – Urgent help needed!

One of the reasons I bought the plot of land my house sits on is because it had the most incredible garden, including two royal palms at its centre. One of my palms is not looking well at all and I’m concerned that it’s going to topple over taking my neighbors’ balcony with it. I saw a palm tree fall down in Jameson Park a couple of months ago and it gave no warning sign whatsoever. One moment it was swaying in the breeze and a second later it was on the ground. Please can someone tell me if this is the way my tree is going – it seems to have a type of fungus that is making the bark fall off, and underneath the bark the wood is slightly soft and damp.

Is there anything I can do to stop whatever’s happening to my glorious palm tree?

— Kirsty Machen

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Hey Kirsty –

I’m no expert on palms but from what I know, they’re damn resilient…until the end of their days.

I’d suggest calling up a nursery or trying the Bot Gardens Arboretum; they’re very helpful folk.

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