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It’s the bomb!

A seed bomb (or green grenade) is designed to enable seeds to be sown in hard to reach places or where a gardener cannot take long to prepare the ground. It is a compressed ball of soil and compost that contains seeds. Apparently, seedbombing is widely used in parts of Africa where grass seeds are placed in biodegradable containers and launched grenade style onto barren land.

Other “guerilla gardeners” do it for fun by making seed bombs at home and throwing them into vacant lots / barren or urban areas on morning jogs / from a passing car etc. 🙂 If you’re interested in making one of these, here is how you do it:

  1. Mix clay soil (which hardens nicely when dry) with compost at a ratio of 5:2. If you don’t have clay soil, mix soil, compost and clay powder.
  2. Add water to get a mud pie consistency, then form small balls from your mixture. Ensure that its not sloppy.
  3. Press a few seeds into each ball, and then shape and press until compact. Make sure its not cracked.
  4. Dry out on newspaper and leave for a few days, and then store in a cool dry place until you use them.

This is a great way to beautify a vacant lot or bare piece of land and I like the activist ethos behind it. If you chuck them just before it rains, the seeds should germinate in no time… We would be breathing more easily if we made some Spekboom Seedbombs. Maybe Merika or one of our Eastern Cape readers could help out..?

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