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Do you know what I am?

Hi there knowledgeable garden people!

I recently found these darling mushrooms growing wildly in my fathers garden in KZN. Would anyone be able to identify them for me? Are they edible?

Many thanks,

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It’s difficult to be sure by seeing these onscreen (and please note that these identifications are in no way 100%, you should check with an expert or handbook before taking any chances with them), but on the left with black gills it looks like ‘makowe makhulu’ (Zulu, for ‘large mushroom’ – the giant field mushroom.

Edible, delicious (and the same as the ones you’d buy in a store).

On the right, with white gills they look like species of Panaeolus, which are edible but not particularly tasty.

The one at the back right, with brown gills, not sure.

PLEASE NOTE: These are identifications made on screen – do not eat any mushrooms until you’re 100% sure that they’re safe.

Heh. Thanks, Mouldy but I’m still well in the amateur league. That said, I did search for and find porcini a few weeks back here in Cape Town. Five small ones, which tasted AMAZING after being fried with a little butter, salt and pepper.

Looking forward to many more!

Yum porcini – great advice I havnt tried them but if they continue to spawn so well in his garden I’m going to an expert to check! How did you learn so much are there courses in za to go on? Thank you x sam

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