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Baobab forests

Hi there,

I’m writing from the UK, and was wandering if you might be able to help with a query… I’m looking for a picturesque baobab forest somewhere on a private reserve in SA – can you recommend anywhere?

Thanks NT

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Last year I was on holiday in Limpopo province and saw lots and lots of baobab trees. I’m not sure if they qualify as ‘forests’ like the ones in Madagascar, but there are lots on the side of the N1 highway between Makhado and Musina, as well as on the road from Musina to the Pafuri gate of the Kruger National Park.

There’s an article in dec 2010 za getaway mag which mentions that pafuri rest camp in kruger national has some baobabs. Also mentions that they flower in za during october and november – flowers are delicate and small and open at night – they also smell like rotten meat.

Other interesting facts from the article:

A single tree produces 400 flowers and after one night of glory the petals and stamens fall to the ground.

Baobab wood is 64% water

In san folk lore the great spirit gave every animal a tree – last in line was the hyena. This upset him so much that he pulled it out and planted it upside down – it looked so strange that the hyena couldn’t stop laughing!

Refs given which perhaps gives you more tips on where to find them are – a book of baobabs by ellen drake and the african baobab by rupert watson.

Hope this helps x sam

The Baobab Forest is close to Thulamela, Pafuri. There are 100derts of trees. All very young, Not older than 300 years. Most of the trees at Pafuri around 500 years old. There where part of the culture 500 years ago before the little ice time in South Africa. This part is in the 80ties closed for the public.

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