What am I?

It just popped up. Tomato? Pumpkin? Any guesses welcome …

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Thanks all! We had pumpkins about six months ago in the same area. They died off suddenly. Then, when we re-did the new beds recently, this one somehow came back to life and popped up!
Weird how it lay dormant all this time.

What to do with an unwanted pumpkin plant if it came up in the wrong place. My experience as a child:

1. Pull out and place in compost bin/heap.


2. Pull it out and remove the stems.

3. Rinse the leaves and add it to your pot of spinach and tomato. Taste delicious.

4. Kids, use the stems to blow your soap bubbles.

5. Scrape the area where you will be blowing with a knife to make it smooth.

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