Moonflower soup tonight!

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Maybe stick to Rooibos

During November the Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) received notification of and offered treatment advice for 14 adolescents who became ill after intentional exposure to toxic seeds that DPIC identified as Datura inoxia. All became ill shortly after eating the seeds
… the characteristics of the various plants known commonly as “moonflowers,” and underscores the need for awareness of the potential toxicity from recreational use of a plant….

Of the 14 patients, 12 (86%) were male; median age was 17 years (range: 12–19 years). All 14 patients reported to the emergency department (ED) with anticholinergic signs and symptoms, including dilated pupils, tachycardia, hallucinations, and urinary retention. Signs and symptoms typically lasted 24–48 hours, and the illness resolved with supportive care and benzodiazepine administration. No long-term effects were documented.

On November 5, a local newspaper described some of the cases of “toxic seed” exposure. Use of the common name moonflower had led to some confusion about which of the several moonflower plants were involved in these exposures. Parents of several adolescents who ingested these seeds as a group reported that the seeds were from a moonflower plant, specifically D. inoxia, and noted that this plant was cultivated widely and available in local garden stores. On the basis of clinical presentations and a photograph taken of a plant submitted to the ED by one of the parents, a toxicologist at DPIC agreed that D. inoxia was the source of these illnesses.

Could anyone tell me the botanical name of the beautiful flowrs in the photo above Gareth’s comment? The text refers to te kids as having ingested Datura inoxia, but that is a completely different plant to the one in the pic (commonly known in SA as Moonflowers).


I am desperately looking for a pink double or single brugmansia. There are varieties which are a darker pink than the one pictured above. I am also looking for seeds or a cutting of a lemon yellow moonflower. Could anyone help?
I live in Cape Town
082 045 5595 or email

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