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Eco Town!!!

Mnquma Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape will be amongst the first towns in South Africa to adapt a more environmental approach to living. At a ceremony today, Water and Environmental Affairs Deputy Minister, Rejoice Mabudafhasi, will hand over the R41 million Mnquma Buyisela / Eco Town.

Reducing carbon emissions and keeping energy use under control is the basis of the Eco Town concept. The ambitious project aims to turn this community into one that places environmental matters at the heart of daily living. The Mnquma Local Municipality is one of ten municipalities that were identified to take part in the pilot Eco Towns Project. The Eco Town concept promotes recycling and the reduction of waste, the use of renewable energy and the planting of trees. Public facilities have also been upgraded and open spaces cleared to gear communities towards fresher living. Sites will be established to prepare compost to make better use of biodegradable household waste and food gardens will also be set up. Thus far the project has created 283 jobs in Mnquma.


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