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A post on behalf of soil for life

Hi Sprig blog

Thought you might be interested in posting this good hearted appeal from Soil for Life that I came across.

Yours in getting your hands dirty



Western Cape-based NGO, Soil for Life exists to help alleviate poverty and hunger in the area by teaching people to grow their own food.

We’d like to reward the Best Soil for Life Home Food Gardeners for 2010 by awarding some really useful prizes at our annual prize-giving. If you can assist us with prizes – or know a business that can donate any of the following in good condition (new or used) – we would be very grateful: small kitchen appliances or cooking pots and utensils, bedding, clothing for adults and children, good books, toiletries and dry food stuffs.

We are also prepared to swap some of our talents for suitable prizes and collect donations in the area.

Soil for Life has helped hundreds of people to build up poor soil, dig trench beds and cultivate seedlings outside their homes to grow good, organic veggies. This means that fewer families are going to bed hungry and more people are eating healthily. In addition, people are being taught to use the exchange system to build community spirit. Skills taught include hot box methods of cooking to save on electricity, food preserving methods to deal with surplus crops, creative use of waste and a lot besides.

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