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Walk in the Bush

The Friends of Virginia Bush are hosting a public walk on Sunday 17th October at 10h30 at Virginia Bush, Durban North. Come along and enjoy this magnificent piece of nature. Trees, plants, birds and wildlife. Meet at entrance in Kensington Drive.

red sunbird

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that sounds great. can you give me any more info on the bush? how big (how long will the walk be?) is it open to the public generally? i’m looking for a place to host a family picnic at the end of the month, can anywhere suggest somewhere relatively quiet but safe?

Virginia Bush is probably your spot! Walk is about 1hr. While you may not see much on this walk (too many people, usually around 15), it is a great opportunity to ‘learn’ the path. The bush here IS safe and open to public during daylight. Staff are there from 7h30 till 4pm. Look out for Peter who has worked there for years. Walking quietly in small groups, you could spot both grey and red duiker, mongooses and some special forest bird species. Virginia bush has a very interesting history, an info leaflet will be available at interpretive centre. There are braai facilities near entrance and some benches alongside the pond. Hope to see you there. Oh, forgot to say that we are expecting Nature Reserve status soon!

Mol-d the sunbird is a Greater Double Collared Sunbird (Nectarinia afra) Common resident coastal bush and suburbia… slightly larger red band and larger than the Lesser Double Collared Sunbird.

Adventuring around Virginia bush brings back many fond memories.

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