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Thyme for a coffee

I was over at Chips’ house this weekend and, somewhat serendipitously, he ran out of coffee as he was espresso-ing and offered me the coffee-tin to grow a plant in. These days I’m all about the sustainability, so I jumped at the opportunity. Stopping off at a nursery on our way to Durban, I picked up a lovely thyme plant. After nailing a couple of holes in the base of the tin, I added the plant and lo and behold, a handy pot of thyme sitting next to the stove, ready for the next stew we make.

p.s. this is in no way some lame Illy product placement, but they do make nice tins 🙂

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I’ve already earmarked the little green decaf tin, and another one with a pinkish label (beans mayhaps?) as future additions to this little collection. Cobranding opportunity with Illy?

I saw an article in a magazine some years back about using old tins for herbs and other small plants hung with wire on a wall. Expecially good if you are stuck for space. Would also be good for making an ugly wall look a bit more attractive. I am thinking of doing that with an ugly wall the neighbour put up – plastered their side – our side ugly concrete block work. Was thinking of painting the raw blocks, even roughly just for some background colour, and putting up a trellis, and hanging herb cans on it.

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