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Recycling old paint & chemicals. Help!

Does anyone know how / where to recycle / safely dispose of old paint & chemicals, sealants etc. in Cape Town? I use abundance recycling but they don’t take such things….. I’m thinking if I take it with my charity box to Nazareth House they might just chuck in the trash, which is not the point. Help?? (have been googling, only to find “get creative with your old paint and decorate your plant pots” hmmm….)

Marian Park-Ross

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I am a paint chemist ,and very interested in your request.I am looking at starting up a paint recycling co.How much paint is involved ? What type of paints? Where do you find the paints?Feel fre to contact me 0ii-9077004 or 0827819669.

We live in the Midlands, KZN. Over the last decade while renovating our old house, we have accumulated a huge stash of unused, left-over and old paint, paint products, thinners, adhesives, sealants. There appears to be no safe place or recycling facility in KZN, never mind the country. We phoned Plascon who referred us the the local hardware stores. The hardware stores refer us to the local dump site that is, just dump it. Does anybody know anyone where one can take these products for recycling?

Hi, my name is Kamal Lalla.I am looking to buy recycyled thinners for resale to the engineering industry. i will be able to buy large quantities. u can contact me on 0834748899 or 0313012860

I live in Durban and need to get rid of old paint and chemicals as we are relocating, need to do by the weekend. Any suggestions?


I am looking for donations of paint old or expired for a primary school in Zimbabwe. We need a total of 200litres so any assistance would be highly appreciated.
Many Thanks

good day All

my company is established in Booysens Johannesburg I have 5 x 210 litre drums of paint mixed with thinners.
is there a company that is in the market for recycling this kind of product if it is close by we can arrange deliver to your premises.

regards Pieter wardeck
contact number 079 806 8116

Hi Diane, We are recyclers of all solvent based products. Rather recycle than dispose of. We can do batches of 2500L & you will be able to reuse your thinners over & over again. That is as long as your waste content is not too high, eg, what’s the thinners is contaminated with. If only wanted to dispose of then we can look at taking and using inhouse. Please contact us if needed.

Hi Moira,

If you could kindly get hold of me, I have some solvents that you may be interested in.

Hi i have used chemical’s which was used in clearing of soles to dispose off please contact me on 031 4685586 for collection.
This needs to be done asap.
Also have a drum of old oil to dispose off.

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