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I am quite a new vege gardener in Westville and am still learning the ropes. I have this complete block as regards to mulching. I think that compost (no composter yet) and straw (too far to go for) are probably the best. I have just purchased a leaf vacuum/blower that mulches the leaves quite small and wondered if I can use these or must it be processed in a further manner before putting it on the beds? What other suggestions do you have? Thanks for the great site, I am learning a lot.

Regards, Gail Gradidge

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I have also been researching a similar thing. I am not an expert, but apparently leaves should be fine depending on the tree. Some leaves are very acidic / alkaline which affects the soil. You should be able to google the tree to find out. Do you have off cut grass from your garden? That also works. You can even mulch with other plant matter – weeds and the likes.


I am very casual when it comes to mulching and use leaves, grass, weed, whatever. I don’t prepare it in anyway, just make sure it covers the soil and not the plant.

All my leaves and twigs that fall off my trees are just swept onto my beds to rot down and form a mulch. Under this mulch goes the kitchen waste. My robins, thrushes and banded mongooses have a wonderful time and are never found in my clean, neat, pristine neighbours’ gardens. The bigger branches are stacked in a pile as a refuge for all sorts of intriguing beasties.

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