Monkey mayhem

One of the (un)pleasant side effects of living in the jungle that is Puntans Hill is the vast troop of monkeys that raids our garden (and occasionally our house) daily. Normally I enjoy their antics … the babies stick their hands against the glass and peer inside at us, they chase each other around the balcony and chatter away in the trees. But, recently, they have started raiding my vege patch, eating all the tomatoes while they’re still green and, horror of horror, pulling up and running off with my beetroots before I can make a salad.

Any suggestions as to how to keep them at bay without hurting them? My neighbour is in the process of constructing these impressive monkey cages, out of bamboo and wire netting, to protect his produce (I’ll blog about it when its done) but I’m looking for something less extreme.

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I have built 3 ‘cages’ with pine battons that are 1mx1mx1m. I covered them with green plastic mesh. When veggies could look attractive to monkeys, I pop a cage over the plant. After doing this for 2 years, monkeys now seem to have forgotten my veggies are there and don’t usually ‘steal’ anything even if I have forgotten to cover it.

monkey cage it is … thanks Jean (was evening thinking an old parrot cage might do the trick).

don’t think my housemate would appreciate a monkey-pile …

update, my housemate has found an old parrot cage which we are going to plant up with tomatoes and other plants delicious to monkeys!

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