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Jack and the beans talk

Just an update on our new veggie bed. Now securely fenced to keep Jack and Molly from digging up the goods!

Check out how fast the runner beans are growing from seed. Perhaps it’s all the compost, twinned with a light daily water. I can see why the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk came about…

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We’ve got 8 runner beans in all, growing about 1.5cm/day. then 6 tiny beetroots just peeking out the soil. 8 Brocolli, now quite big, 6 baby cabbages, and one of our potatoes was looking mol-d,
so i chucked it in the soil to see if it will sprout!

Jack and Molly are our Scottish terriers, BTW. They love digging up vegetables and bromeliads.

great! have just planted coriander, rocket, chilli and radish seeds. all are sprouting after our rainy week. how exciting!

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