A new (old) watering can

My housemate, Kirsty, is a collector and seller of retro kitchenalia (check out her blog shop at www.minttheshop.com).  Recently I was looking for a new watering can to replace the small plastic one I had been using. The galvanised metal ones start at about R150 in price and head upwards – and are quite difficult to get hold of.

Kirsty suggested she look out for one at the car boot market and a couple of weeks later came home with this beauty. Apart from the fact that I love its size and the way it looks, ‘re-use’ is also one of the tenants of the sustainability movement and fits in nicely with the concepts of growing your own food and water-wise gardening.

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  1. mol-d October 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    brand new, secondhand… you are lucky to have a roomie like kirsty 🙂

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