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Trafalgar Beach

Blue Flag Beaches… B-)

Twenty seven South African beaches have achieved the Blue Flag status for excelling in safety, cleanliness, provision of amenities and maintenance of environmental standards. The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to over 3 450 beaches and marinas in 41 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean. […]

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Bring birds of a feather flocking to your garden

One of the signs of a vibrant and healthy garden is a profusion of birdlife. Birds are pleasurable to see and hear, but they also have a practical purpose. Wild birds eat a huge variety of insects, seeds from unwanted weeds, and sometimes even small rodents. If you are trying to control pests in your […]

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Air Plant

Another type of air plant that grows anywhere. Just drape it over wherever you’d like to see it and it takes off. No watering necessary, or soil or compost. Easy gardening. Helen African Cotton

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Hi Guys, I am quite a new vege gardener in Westville and am still learning the ropes. I have this complete block as regards to mulching. I think that compost (no composter yet) and straw (too far to go for) are probably the best. I have just purchased a leaf vacuum/blower that mulches the leaves […]

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Monkey mayhem

One of the (un)pleasant side effects of living in the jungle that is Puntans Hill is the vast troop of monkeys that raids our garden (and occasionally our house) daily. Normally I enjoy their antics … the babies stick their hands against the glass and peer inside at us, they chase each other around the […]

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