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Yes, you guessed it (maybe)!  World Water Week!

The 20th annual World Water Week, organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute, is underway this week with a focus on water quality. The event is a meeting of experts, practitioners, decision makers and leaders from around the globe to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions. The three issues that will dominate this year’s event are:

  1. The spread of water-borne diseases and how to solve the poor sanitation that often drives them.
  2. The spread of chemicals throughout societies and how we can reduce it, with a focus on prevention rather than treatment.
  3. The health of rivers and lakes in developing countries and the need for government to implement existing regulations, as well as to look to consumers for their role and responsibility.

Water and Environmental Affairs Deputy Minister, Rejoice Mabudafhasi, will be representing South Africa. She will be accompanied by the 2010 South African Youth Water Prize winners, Nomfundo Zondi and Mduduzi Dlamini, students from MehlokaZulu High School in KwaZulu-Natal, who will be competing with learners from 31 countries for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Through South African Youth Water Prizes, high school learners are encouraged to identify water and sanitation related problems, conduct research and come up with innovative solutions to identified problems. The South African candidates’ research project proposes the use of solar energy for water pasteurisation and sterilisation, as well as the re-use of water.

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Also under discussion should be the rehabilation and protection of nature ecosystems which filter our water!

yes! good point! i think some of that is covered in issue 3 above… but these issues are all interrelated in my mind…

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