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Mystery plants of Newcastle, KZN

Hiya! So,having just moved into a new house in a new town, I find myself faced with a garden full of unknown plants. The pictures are of a bush, about 2 metres high, that has begun flowering this last week, and profusely at that. The flowers have no scent, look most like tiny roses and are about the size of a thumb nail. The bush itself is rapidly beginning to invade my driveway space, and I suspect that I’m meant to prune/trim it back sometime soon.

If anyone has any idea of what this plant is, and also how to maintain it, such info would be much appreciated. There are more images of this plant at

Thanks! Sarah

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Hi Sarah

I recognise this flower from my childhood (I think we may have had it in our garden) but don’t have a name. Sorry, not much help. It is one of my favourites though …

Nope! I dont agree guys! Looks like a BANKSIA ROSE to me. The grow high and out of controle. Can be an awesome hedge is u have time and patience to prune it constantly. I live in Dundee and also have some.

Hi every1 im looking for advise or help just wanna find out if some1 knows or have heard of a caster tree or knows how to plant it and maintain it

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