My first post to Sprig – WCNP Spring flowers

Only today and tomorrow left to make use of free entry to our National Parks! And yes there are still flowers out at the West Coast National Park …

There is more at elephantseyegarden.blogspot

from Diana of Elephant’s Eye

5 replies on “My first post to Sprig – WCNP Spring flowers”

Thanks Diana, gorgeous flowers, managed to go in the Jan heat, entered early each morning and relished all the fynbos then skulked in the old Geelbek garden, museum or teeny ‘library’ or Yzerfontein/Langebaan until it was cool enough to return (go Wildcard). Great walks, boardwalk, animal hides, most delicious Kraalbaai, and just beyond WCNP is Saldanha harbour and chilly atmospheric Paternoster.

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