Coriander Seeds

My mom got some coriander seeds from a friend the other day and kindly passed some on to me.  For those of you who cook with the seeds this may seem like an obvious observation, but I never thought the seeds would be so big!

Anyway, my mom’s friend suggested planting a few seeds every week to ensure a constant supply of coriander for the kitchen.  I’ve planted my first batch, next to a row of rocket (does anyone know if they are good companion plants?) and this rainy day in Durban is sure to give them a head-start.

Coriander Seeds
Coriander Seeds

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If you toast them off in a dry pan and grind them up, you can mix into some plain yoghurt with a squeeze of lemon, some minced chilli and garlic to make a great marinade for meat. After a couple of hours of marinading, thread the meat onto skewers and griddle over the coals until cooked. It’s really tasty served up with some naan bread and a salad…

been throwing down a handfull of coriander seeds every week or two for the last few months. Have had a constant supply of fresh coriander ever since. Great for salad, garnish for curry and a must have for guacamole. The seeds can be used to make Cajun spice, along with some cayenne, paprika, thyme, marjoram, lemon juice and black pepper. Works well on fish, chicken or beef.

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