Something for the weekend …

I think a gardening blog’s best friend is a cooking blog.  Once you’ve grown your veges and herbs, you need some guidance as to what to do with them.  Two new cooking blogs have recently taken my fancy, both local.

At Still Life with Wooden Spoon, Chris documents his favourite recipes and the food he makes.  This is fine-dining at home – using good-quality, fresh ingredients – and the results look delectable.

Over at Gibberlicious, Rike’s approach is more rustic.  She documents the vegetarian food she makes, occasionally using produce from her own garden.  Healthy and delicious!

One reply on “Something for the weekend …”

This is so great. I was looking for a choc cake without flour to wow my friends today and it’s on Still Life with Wooden Spoon and then I discovered that Rike has amazing do-able tasty vegie recipes.
Yay for Sprig!

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