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Seed saving, selling and exchanging

Hello Seed Savers, You may be interested in our new website called SeedLiving for buying, selling and swapping open pollinated seeds and live plants. It is entirely a pay what you can website. You may also post news & tips for free as well as events. The site is international although we are based in Calgary. You can use the site within SA as well.

Our goal is to provide an online community for those dedicated to biodiversity to learn from each other and possibly gain another source of revenue.

Please have a look,

Anna-Monique West

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One reply on “Seed saving, selling and exchanging”

hi everybody

looking for exchange seed collections, Im looking for tropical and subtropical seeds instead my list of seeds are as below:
Cotinus coggygria
black fruit hawthorn
red fruit hawthorn
yellow fruit hawthorn
Washington hawthorn
pistacia atlantica
chinese parasol tree
dana racemosa
ligustrum vulgare
magnolia grandiflora
acer tataricum
paliurus spina
red crabapple
common medlar
common hibiscus
sorbus graeca rosaceae
nerium deander
osage orange
hibiscus mutabilis
atraphaxis spinosa
laurus nobilis
Vitex agnus castus
bald cypress
Thai Yellow Egg
CELTIS AUSTRALIS 2kind red and yellow fruit
tilia cordasa
Styphnolobium japonicum
goldenrain tree
Maclura tricuspidata
honey locust
cosmos bipinnatus mixture color
schinus molle
crape yellow apple
Diospyros lotus
Nandina domestica
Trifoliate orange
celastraceae euonymus
damson plum
punica granatum
Campsis radicans

anyone interested just contact me to collection exchange

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