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Greening Cape Town with Greenpop

I was recently made aware of a new initiative, “Greenpop”, that aims “to contribute to the underprivileged (and ‘under-greened’) communities of Cape Town in a tangible, innovative and sustainable way.” It is arbor month in September and the project plans to plant 1000 trees at development project and community organisation sites, and at underprivileged schools with across Cape Town. Greenpop says, “They must want, need and be able to maintain the trees we donate and plant. So far we have engaged with ten schools in Kayelitsha, Retreat and Lavender Hill and they are desperate for trees in order to green the spaces they occupy. All over the world, cases have shown how trees and green landscapes can lead to a heightened pride of place and sense of belonging, increased levels of happiness, increased social cohesion (as green spaces are often shared for recreational purposes), better interaction with the environment, and even decreased levels of crime. What’s more is that by donating a tree you can take a (little) step to offsetting your carbon footprint.”

Go to to find out more. You can donate a tree on the site for R50!  You can also sign up to help our growing team of volunteers’ actually plant the trees donated.

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