Braving the hounds

A few months back the dogs devastated my patch of garden. It was heart-breaking … so I focused on gardening in pots and my permaculture beds. Since then, the dogs have lost interest and the garden has bounced back. I’ve decided to give it another shot and am loading the garden with spiky aloes, hardy succulents and quick-growing ground-cover – will I be spared the canine onslaught?

A friend thinks that they only destroyed the garden because I was paying too much attention to it. When I left it alone, so did they. But I like to think they aren’t as manipulative as that …

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Surely all those pointy plants will help!? I have planted plants with thorns (like roses) where I know animals will be tempted to roll/run. It really helps.

Good luck with the garden resuscitation.

Christine in Alaska

Hi Christine and mol-d. Thanks, I hope the pointy plants will do the trick!

bridget – hopefully not 😉

It looks amazing….you’ll have to garden when the dogs are not looking if that’s at all possible! But if it thrives like that on it’s own now the roots are in, all the better…’s stunning!

Your friend is right. I can’t count the number of times various dogs we have had have dug up plants we have bought and planted. I don’t think they are being manipulative, I think they merely see “mummy” or “daddy” digging in the garden and decide to join in.

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