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My tree fern and other plants

So the tree fern has given us a show of exuberant happiness this season, along with the chocolate cosmos which nestles … (okay, will leave out the silly pun) – but seriously they even smell of chocolate, and a moment of chocolate sniff does *not* stay a lifetime on the hips. Along the fence the […]

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Sardine Run

Another use for sardines

The sardine run has recently hit Durban and people have been pulling sardines out of the sea in bucket loads.  If you’ve ended up with a fridge full of the little fish, and can’t face another sardine meal, then you can use them ‘as fertiliser like them Pilgrim fathers’, according to regular commenter and occasional […]

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Permaculture in a pot

Permaculture in a pot

After visiting the recent Sustainable City’s exhibition, and seeing the Giba Organics display, I was inspired to set up a permaculture vege patch in a series of containers, with a helping hand from Mr Wooden Spoon.  It doesn’t look like it from the pics, but it was a hella windy day and topsoil, kraal manure and […]

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‘misunderstood little gardeners’

Here is a pic, as requested by Pi, of one of the ‘over-enthusiastic and misunderstood little gardeners’ :P, looking cute and innocent (see evidence of her active side here).

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