Waste Land at DIFF

I saw an amazing documentary at this year’s Durban International Film Festival.  Waste Land follows world-renowned Brazilian artist Vik Muniz through an emotional journey in the world’s largest landfill on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro –  a place called Jardim Gramacho. Over three years, Muniz photographed people who inhabited the trash city and, together with the ‘pickers’ created trash portraits out of the waste they collected.  Muniz photographed and then auctioned these portraits, giving the money raised, a whopping $250,000, back to the people of Jardim Gramacho.

The film not only shows the transformative power of art, but also the triumph of the human spirit and really touched me.  It obviously had the same effect on others, winning the audience awards at both Sundance and Berlin film festivals.

More on the movie at, where you can also watch the trail.

Waste Land
Waste Land

DIFF is on until Sunday and there are some excellent films showing – don’t miss out!

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