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Recycle this!

Recycling can be a task. You need to separate your waste and haul it off somewhere. Surprisingly, it is more of a task in Cape Town as the Municipality doesn’t offer recycling bags for paper and cardboard or a recycling collection service. Think again! Recycling can be easy!

We have two bins, one for general waste and another for recyclable waste (nothing for organic waste though… Any ideas?). And there are sufficient recycling points in Cape Town. We use the one at Laerskool Jan Van Riebeeck in Kloof Street and the other at Tamboerskloof Primary School. It is reassuring that these recycling points are based at primary schools as understanding the value of recycling is important to teach at a young age. Here are a few more sites (Engen and the municipality) I found on recycling in Cape Town and nationally. While initially it might seem like a drag, once you have an extra bin, it is just a matter of visiting a recycling point once a week. Do it!

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We have to collect ours a bit longer, then we bring it to Killarney Gardens when we are coming in to Cape Town anyway. Still trying to get small country town of Porterville to recycle. But at least one of the farmers has started composting the town’s garden waste.

in Durban the Municipality supplies you with orange bags for all your plastic and paper waste which they collect and recycle. progressive!

Hey – thanks for the info on recycling – I know that it differs a bit between Cape Town – Pinelands give out bags and collect stuff and I know in Constantia there is something similar. For Southern suburbians – Oasis on Landsdowne road is great – they take everything except polystrene and you don’t have to sort it – you can just take it in the bin or a packet.

tamboerskloof primary no longer offers a recycling service . i have a feeling jan van riebeeck laerskool has also stopped theirs . mr recycle offers an inexpensive service and they pick it up from your front door . less carbon omissions .

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