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Guerrila garden grows up

Here’s an update on our guerrilla garden … we can barely keep up with the eating thereof, it’s courgette soup/pasta/fritters/frittata/ in salad etcetera etcetera then the same with spinach, beetroot, beans … we’re also giving loads away but the potatoes are too delicious and we keep them all for ourselves and ‘inner circle’ friends and family. Soon come tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers. Next season the challenge is to grow gemsquash here (can’t be bought here for love nor money, so will have to work on the love thing).

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Thanks, Emme, this blog is a good way of charting the garden’s progress cause can’t believe how much the plants have grown since I first posted about it. I notice I can’t spell though – “guerrila” – that’s what I get for balancing a laptop in front of the telly!

Thanks for the Rondini tip will check it out, we’re in London. I heard of someone here who tried unsuccessfully to grow gemsquash from seed having bought some gems from the ‘posh’ supermarket (Waitrose) which sometimes has them. In the meanwhile we have experimented with other pumpkins (see photo). Those little babies grow visibly daily, so exciting. The heat-retaining wall at the back makes this a perfect spot for our veg garden (or so I’m told) – maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s flourishing.


I live in New York and I am curious to know when the growing season is in South Africa. What month do South Africans begin planting or is it year round.


hi aj,

it depends where you are in the country. in durban things seems to grow year round. elsewhere, in colder areas like johannesburg where temperatures drop below zero, i would imagine that the planting of non-frost resistant plants starts around september, our springtime…

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